Protecting high value goods, in a low-cost way



 Special items require a specialist packaging solution. That's exactly what Macfarlane Packaging Online can offer you, at prices we think you'll like. Even better, most packaging options are recyclable, making them planet-friendly as well as tough and durable.


We've all seen bubble wrap, and know how effective it can be in protecting items of all shapes and sizes. But the Macfarlane protective packaging range goes well beyond that. Choose from an assortment of options, and find the ideal packaging for you, no matter how large or small the items you're looking to determinedly protect.


Leading the way in protective packaging

All-year-round, we supply protective packaging materials to a vast array of industries, making us the first packaging company businesses of all kinds turn to, and the one they have no hesitation in recommending for packaging materials offering an unmatched level of protection and made from:


  • Bubble wrap (also bubble bags are available)
  • Polyethylene (foam wrap)
  • Paper cushioning


As well as:


  • Mesh
  • Loosefill packing chips
  • And other protective packaging material types


What can we supply your business with?


The sheer versatility of protective packaging can be remarkable

Protective packaging sourced by Macfarlane Packaging Online is matchlessly versatile. It can be layered, wrapped, sleeved, moulded around products... and it doesn't necessarily have to come in the form of a large sheet, a roll, or a length of air-filled plastic cushioning — loose-fill packing chips placed in an adequate quantity inside packing boxes can be a marvellously cost-effective method of achieving excellent goods protection in transit.


Goods can be protected simply yet effectively too, merely by popping a silica gel sachet into a box. And where the corners of units (furniture, picture frames, mirrors...) being packaged for shipping need coverage, foam edge protection strips can be absolutely ideal: a low-cost yet effective option.


All orders fulfilled without a hitch (and REDUCED returns)

Products in storage and in transit are at risk from all kinds of threats, if they're not adequately safeguarded with protective packaging of the right type and the right quality. Get total impact and climatic protection for your business's goods, by making a smart investment in first-rate Macfarlane-sourced packaging that preserves the quality as well as the value of your goods; whether they be stacked in a warehouse for an extended period or regularly being shipped anywhere across the globe.

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