All kinds of recyclable bags available



Bags for a range of purposes. Bags that won't split. Bags that are easy to carry. Bags that are recyclable, making them environmentally-friendly. Bags with logos, handles, clear film fronts...WOW. As the UK’s market leader in the distribution of protective packaging products, Macfarlane Packaging Online can offer you all this and more, at prices we think you'll like.


Low-cost bags that are high on strength, style and suitability

Opting for Macfarlane Packaging Online as your retail bags supplier means getting any type of bag you specifically need, whenever you need it. Enjoy choosing from an eclectic range of bags large and small, in different shapes, strengths and colours. Or, moving away from generic versions of bag design, we can also create and reliably deliver custom-printed bags for you, if that would suit your business better?


Perhaps you're the owner or manager of a coffee shop, sandwich bar, greengrocers, a card and gift shop, or another type of busy retail outlet, and you need bags designed in such a way that your displayed and/or sold items are visible yet secure. If that's you, you'll find our film-front bags do just the job. They come in a variety of grades and sizes, and they're low priced, making them a realistic option for any busy retailer keen to control costs without compromising on service and standards.


As well as bags for retail counter sales, Macfarlane Packaging Online can supply bags for:


  • Storage
  • Refuse disposal
  • Goods that require a stitched base, to suit their shape and weight
  • Tight fastening of loose goods
  • Market stall sales, and sales of goods at one-off events (fairs, sporting tournaments, fund-raising days...)
  • And for many other purposes


Put your company name on your bags

Why not use your bags to help promote your business? Branded bags from us can be made and delivered quickly, in any quantity you need. Recyclable paper or biodegradable polythene? Which type of high quality bags does your business need?


Whatever industry you're in, and whatever the size of your business, we have the most cost-effective packaging solutions for your products.

We'll look after your packaging, leaving you to look after your business!

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