For an enhanced level of protection


Nothing beats polythene packaging when it comes to ensuring that goods are stable on pallets and/or in transit. Why take a chance on your boxes and other packages possibly toppling, becoming misshapen, or being tampered with and pilfered when simply wrapping polythene around them is such a quick, easy and low-cost option?


By turning to Macfarlane Packaging Online for polythene packaging, you can choose from a range of options, all of which help keep goods stable, protected from potentially harmful moisture, cold, heat and dust, as well as being a proven deterrent against thieves.


Even better, you'll never have to worry about running out of polythene wrapping, thanks to the large supply we can source coupled with Macfarlane's fast and reliable delivery service. That means you can focus upon other aspects of running your business, your packaging and wrapping needs always being expertly taken care of by a packaging company who knows exactly what type of polythene wrapping different industries particularly use.


Get a polythene packing solution today

Storing and shipping your products with confidence can only come from knowing they're properly packed, covered, stacked, protected... You may have a small business selling high value and fragile goods. You may even have to factor (until now) unavoidable shipping and storage damage costs each year into your annual spreadsheet. Reduce that cost considerably by utilising Macfarlane's unrivalled expertise, no one know more about polythene packing than us.


Decrease your packaging and transport costs

With a determination to help you improve cost-efficiency and free up labour and storage space for more productive use at your end, we can advise you on what to order and what to avoid; ensuring you get exactly the right packaging for your particular type of goods. And in the right quantities. We’ll never deliberately sell you more than you need, and if we think you’re making the wrong choice, we’ll politely advise on other perhaps more suitable options.


Whichever sector you're in, in the UK or abroad, team up with us at Macfarlane Packaging Online and look forward to very soon:

  • Eliminating excess packaging, reducing waste from your shipping operations
  • Leaving inventory in your warehouse, safe in the knowledge that it’s adequately protected from innumerable threats, and will be ready to ship as soon as demand rises or when a certain distribution date arrives in your trading year
  • Shipping your products in small, medium or bulk orders, feeling 100 per cent confident that they'll arrive at the customer's address with nothing missing and without a single breakage. Imagine that.


Polythene for all purposes and all weathers

Polythene mailers and dispatch sacks, flat bags, polythene sheeting, pallet covering, shrink film, heat sealers, shrink wrapping equipment, gusseted bags, sheet dispensers... Choose from our extensive range of polythene packaging products (all sourced from leading suppliers). Or, contact us today about getting a fabulous customised solution: low-cost polythene packaging that can have your company name and info upon it, helping to increase brand awareness and to alert customers to special offers, forthcoming new ranges, and more.


It's a wrap!

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