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Woodwool & Vermiculite

Versatile woodwool can be used either as void fill or made into cushioned pads for the safe protection of bulky or fragile cargo. Woodwool can be used to pad out boxes of fruit and vegetables, as well as decoratively in food hampers and toiletries. It is also a traditional stuffing for soft toys and taxidermy.

Vermiculite provides fireproof, lightweight void fill, which can easily be placed around irregular objects. Its high absorbency makes it an ideal packaging solution for liquid items and is UN approved for use in transporting hazardous materials.

When heated Vermiculite expands up to 30 times its original volume, converting into a granular material. It stands the full shock of impact, retaining full absorbency and protection.

Fibre-free and containing no irritants, Vermiculite does not require protective clothing in handling. It is also reusable (subject to damage) and recyclable where facilities exist.

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