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High Recycled Content AirCap® Bubble Wrap with minimum 50% recycled content ensures efficient use of all resources, through the entire life cycle, minimising the impact on the environment, without compromising on product performance.

  • Made with a minimum of 50% recycled content AirCap® HRC bubble guarantees efficient use of natural resources and contributes to reduce the waste going into landfill.
  • AirCap® HRC bubble is made with thinner co-extruded film. This guarantees a superior and longer lasting protection using less plastic material.
  • 40% more AirCap® HRC bubble can be transported on the same truck vs standard bubble: that means less trucks on the road and less emission. In addition AirCap® HRC bubble contains a minimum of 50% recycled content, contributing towards an average of 25% less CO2 than standard bubble.

PLEASE NOTE: The colour mix of recycled material used in the production of High Recycled Content AirCap® can vary from one batch to another. As a result, from time to time, you may notice slight variations in shades of grey together with tinge of colour when receiving and comparing new deliveries.

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