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Wine Bottle Boxes

To protect your glass goods during shipment, opting for packaging that offers 360-degree protection is a very safe bet. Specially designed for high value, fragile bottles that need extra special packaging, Macfarlane Packaging have created a high-quality range of post and courier recommended bottle boxes and packaging to protect 70cl wine and champagne bottles, trusted by Mail Order Wine Merchants across the UK and Worldwide.

Interior and exterior protection

With the rise in demand for robust protective packaging for fragile products, the Macfarlane Packaging innovation team have responded by producing a versatile collection of seriously strong boxes and packaging solutions specifically designed for online retailers and businesses needing to ship high value glass items. You can be rest assured to find a packaging product to suit your requirements. Discover the following:

  • Boxes – the essential outer shell, boxes can provide that final layer of protection, as well as offer a convenient way to ship single and multiple bottles.
  • Polystyrene packs – designed to fit a wide range of generic sized bottles. Polystyrene packs can hold bottles still inside their boxes for the ultimate in ensuring the smoothest of shipping.

Trusted by Mail Order Wine Merchants and Courier Companies


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