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Postal Envelopes

We stock a selection of great postal envelopes for different purposes, making it easy to send out everything from legal documents to thank you letters.

Be sure to stock your shelves with envelopes to cater for your customers postal needs.

Alternatively, you may be a company looking to purchase envelopes in bulk in order to meet your business obligations and stay in touch with your partners and customers.

We stock board envelopes in A5 size that are ideal for sending larger documents, brochures or pamphlets. These are hardened to prevent bending and damage to the contents of the envelope.

As they conform with Royal Mail’s PIP Large Letter guidelines, these envelopes will fit through standard mailboxes in the UK. This will help ensure first time delivery for your customers.

And thanks to their gusseted design, these postal envelopes also expand up to 30mm, helping to cater for thicker items such as thin books, DVDs and even clothing products.

We also stock brown and white office envelopes, our range will allow you to stock your shelves with handy envelopes for customers or buy for your own office. These envelopes are gummed, meaning they seal fully once closed and don’t require moistening.

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