Paper Mailers
Paper Mailers

Paper Mailers

Nobody wants to have that initial excitement of receiving a package spoilt by finding that the contents have been damaged during shipping or postage.

That’s a scenario all ecommerce and retail companies are certainly hoping to avoid. But inferior retail or ecommerce packaging can enhance the chances of this unwanted situation becoming a reality.

To help provide your customers with improved levels of satisfaction, Macfarlane Packaging stocks a great selection of paper padded mailers that will allow you to send out items with an enhanced level of protection and security.

Our padded paper envelopes are crafted from heavy duty kraft paper, which offers excellent puncture and tear resistance and helps to keep all contents as safe as they can be.

These padded envelopes come in a selection of sizes, allowing for a wide range of products to be sent safely with a lower chance of damage during transit.

Additionally, the padded envelopes’ design makes them great for sending items with sharp edges or items that are heavy. For example, tools and equipment that need to be posted might be best suited to being sent in a paper padded mailer from Macfarlane Packaging.

Our paper padded envelopes are comprised of 77% recycled fibres and can be recycled with other paper-based materials.


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