Strong wrapping paper, for extra packaging protection



The enhanced safeguarding of packed products in storage and in transit can easily be achieved using protective packaging paper. Macfarlane Packaging Online is pleased to offer you a broad selection of packaging paper options, at competitive prices (we won’t be beaten on price!)


Why use paper?

In addition to boosting pack strength, paper can be used to cushion and/or divide fragile items closely packed together, as well as adding style (create a premium feel) and helping businesses to save money — why spend cash on extra containers, when good quality (but low priced) paper from us can be used to protect multiple items in just one box?


By wrapping your goods ready for distribution in the right tissue or piece of paper roll you can enjoy 'shipping peace of mind', while simultaneously showing your customers that you care greatly that their much-anticipated purchased goods will always arrive in perfect condition — and that can be a small individual item or a bulk order where hundreds of boxes will be in transit.


From heavy duty to tissue thin

For packing items that need handling with care, getting the right paper packaging solution for your business is easy, thanks to the in-house team of packaging experts at Macfarlane Packaging Online. There's a wide range to choose from, whether you want something lightweight, medium, or a paper packaging option that's truly substantial.


If you're the manager of a busy office, you'll know that having a ready supply of good quality multi-purpose paper is essential. But it's unlikely that you'll need paper that's wax-coated, right? Right. That's because waxed coated is usually more in demand by garages and factories, where oily and greasy products need careful covering with specially-made kraft paper that never fails to do the job well, ensuring that components are always sufficiently protected while in storage or on the road.


Imitation kraft paper - as a cost-effective alternative to pure kraft paper - is always a godsend for those performing light-to-medium wrapping tasks on a daily basis. And if you're a jeweller, or you run a shoe store, a gift shop or other type of retail outlet (where a perfectionist approach to everything prevails!), you'll want to ensure that you make the right impression with your wrapping paper as well as making sure that all sold and shipped merchandise is impeccably protected. That's where tissue paper in a choice of attractive colours comes in.


Macfarlane Packaging Online can offer you all these types of paper, and others, with fast delivery being guaranteed. With most of the paper we supply being recyclable, that means you'll be getting high quality paper and at the same time fulfilling your corporate responsibility. From 'cheap and cheerful' newsprint off-cut packing paper for wrapping items or void-fill, to the finest quality paper where there must be absolutely no compromise on packing presentation, you'll find all types available to buy right here at our website

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