Boxes of all sizes and strengths


Cardboard boxes need to be ideal not only for shipping but also for storage use. Macfarlane Packaging Online can offer you a full range of boxes, at prices we think you'll find competitive (we won't be beaten on price!). What's more, your boxes from us can be branded, if that's what you need — to help spread the word about your business. Whether you require branded or unbranded cardboard boxes for tiny items or a range of boxes for moving an entire suite of offices to a new location, we can take care of it all, in a low-cost hassle-free way.

And it's not 'just' the actual boxes that we can provide you with...

Protect products, minimise movement in transit, ensure safe delivery

Perhaps, due to the type, weight and size of your goods, you need cardboard box packaging with added reinforcement, providing you with extra peace of mind when your goods are either in transit or stacked in a warehouse awaiting distribution? No problem. As well as the boxes themselves, we can provide you with a whole host of packaging options, such as layering pads, polystyrene inner casings (to keep wine bottles tightly and safely packed in transit), handy address labels, strong rolls of tape, and more. Packaged products can be cushioned, protected, stabilised... And if you need boxes in pallet friendly-sizes, we can supply those, too: super-strong boxes that are an exact pallet-size fit for Euro pallets.


Ideal solutions for packing, storage and shipping

Cardboard boxes can be single or double-walled, depending up the level of packaging strength you're after. That means no item is too heavy or bulky to ship. If you're not sure which type is most suitable for your goods, get in touch with us and we'll be happy to advise.

Whichever type of cardboard box you opt for, you can be sure that your items will arrive at your customer's address in perfect condition, and — if they're being distributed to another retail outlet — with the correct colour printing added, in compliance with trading standards.

Tell the WORLD about your business!

To better suit your supply chain needs, why not opt for boxes custom-designed and produced by us? Speak to our friendly team of packaging experts and look forward to receiving boxes that entirely protect your product — compact boxes that are branded, self-sealing, easy to erect (and equally easy to open upon arrival), shelf ready and returnable.

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