When selling products or looking to distribute items generally, it’s important to ensure that the packaging is fit for purpose.

 As part of our wide-spanning selection of paper bag packaging solutions, at Macfarlane we have a range of gusseted paper bags for you to stock up on. 

 Our gusseted paper bags are made from multi-ply 70 gsm Kraft Paper, and are ideal for both retail usage and storage.

 We stock gusseted paper bags in a variety of sizes. This means you can get hold of versions measuring 225 x 75 x 450mm, all the way through to 450 x 100 x 900mm and at various size points in between.

 We also sell our gusseted bags in packs of 100 or 50, so it’s easy to find the right options for your requirements. 

 Our gusseted paper bags are 100% recyclable and are stitched at their base.

 It is worth noting that the stitching and tape at the bottom of each bag may be blue in order to conform with Food Industry Standards.

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